Bitcoin is about to Explode! Take Advantage of our AI-Powered Auto-Trading System to make Money off the insane Volatility

BitQS Features

Powerful Trading System

BitQS Trading app is an extremely powerful trading system that can analyze huge data sets within microseconds and implement winning trades. We have invested in the best of AI technologies to ensure accurate trading.

Safe Trading Environment

BitQS offers a safe trading environment powered by blockchain to ensure smooth and transparent p2p transactions. We have also partnered with quality brokers regulated in all jurisdictions of operation.

Seamless Withdrawal process

BitQS App, through its partner brokers, allows up to 10 free withdrawals per month. You can withdraw by visiting the funds’ management dashboard and filling the withdrawal form. Your request should be processed within 24 hours.

Why Invest in BitQS?

BitQS is the world’s most advanced bitcoin trading system. We have been in the market for five years now and have generated more millionaires than any other trading platform.

The most amazing thing is that you don’t need any trading expertise to trade with us. Our AI algorithms conduct trading research on autopilot and relay the signals for execution to our partner brokers.

We work with top brokers in the industry to guarantee you a seamless trading experience. These brokers provide the best liquidity for instant order execution. Moreover, they are regulated by top regulators such as the FCA to ensure a safe trading environment.

Trade BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, and other cryptos


1. How does BitQS App work?

BitQS App utilizes algorithms that are developed out of strategies used by top banks to trade crypto derivatives. These algorithms conduct all trading automatically and at extremely high accuracy.

2. How much should I invest with BitQS App?

You don’t need to break the bank to invest with the BitQS App. A deposit of just $250 is enough to get you started. BitQS App is a moderate risk, high return auto-trading system.

3. How much does the BitQS App generate in a day?

The BitQS App can generate up to 70% in profits on a good day. You need to apply the right settings as guided in the trading guide. The more risk per trade you apply, the higher the potential profits.

4. Is BitQS App a safe trading platform?

BitQS App offers a safe trading environment. We work with regulated brokers and have put into place all the necessary data privacy measures. Thousands of users review BitQS on TrustPilot and most report a good trading experience.

5. Does BitQS offer a Trading App?

BitQS App comes in multiple versions, including a native Android/iOS app and a desktop app. The desktop app is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. The BitQS App web-trader is in HTML5 version and can therefore be used on mobile.

6. How do I withdraw my profits from BitQS?

The withdrawal process is straightforward. Fill the withdrawal request form on the funds’ management page. You will need to wait for a few hours for the transaction to be facilitated. Please note that you have up to `10 free withdrawals per month.

More Information About BitQS

What is BitQS?

BitQS is a web-based auto trading system for bitcoin. This system is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conduct trading on behalf of clients.

AI is the most important technology in any automation. The advancement of AI is making it possible for machines to make intricate decisions better than humans. Today, AI-driven programs are helping surgeons perform complex procedures easily.

In finance, powerful computer systems are taking over both long term investment and trading functions. The computer programs for long term investing are known as robo-advisors.

On the other hand, those for trading are simply known as trading robots. BitQS is a trading robot that exclusively trades bitcoin CFDs.

How does BitQS Work?

Trading with BitQS is a cup of tea if you are willing to read and closely follow the provided instructions. Failure to pay close attention to the instructions could lead to painful losses.

We offer an advanced demo to help you test all the features before going live. Dedicate about 40 minutes to demo practice before proceeding to live trading. The demo simulates the entire trading process and backtests on real-time data to give you a real feel of live trading.

This means that the results generated on the demo are close to what you should expect in live trading. Below are a few simple steps to follow to start trading with BitQS.

  1. Registration i s free and involves filling the form above and uploading verification documents via the assigned broker. You can proceed as we process your verification documents.
  2. You need to deposit a trading capital of at least USD250 through the matched broker to access the trading area. Deposits can be made through most of the internationally recognized methods.
  3. Take a tour of our trading resources page and try out various risk levels on the demo to determine what works best for you.
  4. Start a live trading session with us by setting the risk management tools and toggling the live button.

There is a huge possibility of making good cash with us but do not ignore the risks present in any crypto trading. Invest wisely.

Key facts About BitQS

Most of our clients describe the trading experience as exciting. We have invested in the best of technologies to offer a highly profitable and fun trading experience. Below are the top three facts you should know about our trading system.

  • BitQS gives exposure to BTC paired against over 150 crypto and fiat currencies. The bot prioritizes the most volatile pairs.
  • We offer leveraged trading through our reputable partner brokers. The leverage is of up to 5000:1.
  • You can use BitQS on any desktop or smartphone device. It’s available in a web version available as a hybrid app for Android and iOS devices.
BitQS in the Media

We are a media sensation with wide coverage from both alternative and mainstream. The majority of expert reviewers on these platforms hail BitQS as revolutionary.

We are also reviewed highly on Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army, and Reddit. The feedback is generally good. We have come across fake rumours associating us with some celebrities and top-rated TV shows.

  • BitQS on This Morning – The rumour alleges that we have advertised on This Morning show. However, this isn’t true.
  • BitQS and Martin Lewis – Another rumour alleges that we have advertised on Martin Lewis personal finance blog. This is not true!
Is BitQS worthwhile? Final word!

We have made enough disclosures to help you make a good choice when selecting an automated trading system.

BitQS utilizes advanced AI algorithms to trade over 150 bitcoin CFDs pairs. The pairs include both fiat and crypto. Our AI algorithms analyze big data to generate up to 100 trades per minute.

Experts have tested us and confirmed a win rate of up to 90%. The average daily profitability when trading with BitQS is 20%. We are among the world’s best-rated automated trading systems in all categories.

You have a safety guarantee with BitQS, given that all data is encrypted. Also, we only work with brokers with a proven safety track record. Try your luck by signing up on this page.

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